One roll. More users.


One roll. More users.

Kimberly-Clark Professional launches the SCOTT® MAX System, its highest capacity hand drying system for hygiene compliance and high usage efficiencies in food processing facilities.  The SCOTT® MAX System delivers more sheets and more hand dries per roll than other manual systems1, helping to ensure product availability during busy hand washing times at shift changeovers, helping increase hygiene compliance and lowering the risk of food safety issues.

The SCOTT® MAX Rolled Hand Towel is available in both white and blue rolls.  Each roll is 350m long and cut at 25cm when used with the AQUARIUS* Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser, delivering 1400 sheets per roll.

“Avoiding hand towel run outs at food processing hand wash stations is critical to hygiene compliance and production efficiencies,” explains Anne Heaslip, EMEA Food Processing Target Market Leader, Kimberly-Clark Professional.  “With one of the leading causes of food borne illness quoted as being inadequate hygiene facilities, hand hygiene has never been more important to food safety.”2

Made using AIRFLEX* Technology, SCOTT® MAX Rolled Hand Towels absorb water faster than conventional paper towels.  Towels don’t break up in users’ hands when wet, helping to reduce both usage and waste.  Hand drying is quick and effective, optimising hygiene and operational efficiencies.

AIRFLEX* Technology gives towels a softer texture, ideal for the frequent usage in the food industry compared with rougher, less absorbent towels.

“Empty dispensers can potentially lead to delays getting onto the production floor or workers neglecting hand hygiene which can result in contamination risks.  Increased dispenser capacity and reduced product run out can help increase hygiene compliance and, therefore, potentially audit scores while maximizing shift efficiency,” adds Anne Heaslip.

The combination of the GIO Design Award winning AQUARIUS* Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser and the SCOTT® MAX Rolled Hand Towel is twice as easy to use as some other manual rolled hand towel systems1 . Single sheet dispensing provides quick and easy use at busy hygiene stations, and the dispenser’s one-wipe clean and no dirt trap features allow for more efficient cleaning.

A superior dispensing performance is further delivered by the SCOTT® MAX system through reduced tabbing, which refers to small pieces of towel that may tear off when pulled before the whole sheet is dispensed. With up to two and a half times less tabbing than other rolled hand towel systems tested1, SCOTT® MAX is easier to use – important at high volume wash stations – and generates less mess.

“The SCOTT® MAX System innovation helps support the high usage needs and compliance requirements of the food processing industry,” concludes Anne Heaslip.

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